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We need everyone and anyone to write to as many state senators and representatives as possible, starting with your local ones! First, use the tools below to find your representatives). Second, help get more people to our website so they too can help by downloading flyers, buying action cards, and more! Most importantly, we need more people to sign our petition!

Printable Flyer


Want to help? Download this, print it out in bulk, and pass them out in your city. You can legally do so on public sidewalks, and in public areas. You can also email them to others, asking them to print it out and distribute as well. This flyer explains what happened to the bridge, and what citizens can do to help the cause.

Download the SOTZ Flyer

Printable Letter To Your Representative


Want to help? Download this, print it out, fill it out, sign it, and then send it to as many NY legislators as you can. You can also email it to others, asking them to print it out, sign it, and send it in as well. This letter explains what happened to the bridge, and why it's so important that the current bill in the senate passes. Here are all of their names, addresses, phones, and emails. If you want to copy the text of the letter to paste into an email, scroll down!

Download the SOTZ Letter

Want to send off emails to your elected reps? Copy and paste this letter:

From the desk of (full name, address, zip code, email, and phone number)

Dear _________________,

I am writing to you in support a bill that would rename the current Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge to the far more appropriate Governor Mario M. Cuomo Tappan Zee Bridge, and save us countless tax dollars by avoiding the replacement of all the signs.

I am one of the over 157,000 people who signed the petition on and I believe that the Tappan Zee name needs to remain a part of the new bridge, and if you don’t support this beautiful compromise, then YOU are the one being partisan. Here are some reasons why you should support it:

1. History matters. The bridge was originally named for the founders of New York: the Tappan Indians of the Lenape Nation and the Dutch settlers (Zee means ‘sea’ in Dutch). Did you know that the official seal of New York City depicts a Dutch trader and a Lenape Indian? The history of that bridge name is so important.

2. Public infrastructure should never be named after politicians, or not until at least that individual has been deceased for 50 years. For a sitting governor to use his position of power to ram through a bill that names a bridge (that we payed for, and will pay for) after his politician father is a gross abuse of power and the definition of corruption. We want the traditional name returned to the bridge’s name.

3. Just because it’s a replacement bridge does not mean it deserves a new name. London Bridge was destroyed and rebuilt four times and never did politicians decide to give it a new name simply because they ‘could’. What happened during the signing of ‘The Big Ugly’ is inexcusable. If you signed that bill, you should be ashamed of yourself. If you didn’t, why haven’t you been fighting like we have to get the name back?

4. Additional Reasons: (optional):

This is an opportunity for you to right an obvious wrong. It's an opportunity to preserve 70 years of local history and over 350 years of NY history.

I kindly expect a response to this letter informing me of what action(s) you intend to take to help us save our Tappan Zee Bridge.


_____________________ ______

Signature & Date

Looking for where to send these letters?

Here are all of NY's elected representatives names, addresses, phones, and emails.